Quality Construction Service for All Your Roofing Needs!

Your home’s roof is the most essential defense against severe weather and other environmental hazards. You should hire a reliable construction service provider for new roofs, repairs, or maintenance. You’re in luck, then. Because all our customers in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding areas count on us, you can rely on Oscar & JR Construction LLC for high-caliber roofing services. We are experts at determining the source of your roofing problems, resolving them, and ensuring that your roof continues to do its job as intended.

A good reason to invest in expert help.

Your roof takes a beating from the elements, hail, and other potential hazards regularly. Because of this, its stability can decline over time. Even when putting in a roof on a brand-new house, you should consider how well it will hold up over time. However, climbing to the top of your building presents risks if you intend to make repairs or install a new roofing system yourself. Instead, you should hire our professional roofers to complete the job efficiently and satisfactorily.

Why should you choose us?

Our dedication to our clients and the high standards we set for ourselves makes us the best choice. When serving our customers, we always aim to exceed their expectations. Our roofers will pay close attention to what you say and respond appropriately. From new roofs to minor fixes, we can handle it all. We promise to complete the work efficiently without interfering with your other plans. There is no such thing as a “typical” roofing job; we’re prepared for any new or recurring problem that may arise. If you want flawless service, hire us.

Looking for a reliable construction service to handle your roof? Just click on Oscar & JR Construction LLC. In Tulsa, OK, we are the only roofing company you will ever need. Please call us at (918) 395-5494 with any questions about our offerings.